Reclaim Smart Shield washable bed and training animal cage pads. Washable Cage Bed Under pads have been reclaimed as Puppy/pads. They have been Industrial washed many times over and sanitized. Eco friendly pads are great way to help the environment and save money by using reusable pads not disposable puppy pads. Some might have minor cosmetic imperfection but all protective bottom layers are intact and leak resistant.” Pad sizes may vary from approximately 29" x 30" to 30"x 33" with a poly ply backing.


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 Do not move around like the disposable puppy pads
Cannot be chewed up (by most dogs anyways.)
Industrially Washed and Sterilized In Commercial Laundromats
Are thick and weigh over 1.0 lb each
Might have Minuit imperfection (like tape marks) that DOES NOT affect the ability of pads to protect.

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