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Alcohol-based self-evaporating hand-sanitizer requires no wiping to dry - pump included !

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K-Gard Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner:  4 Gal per case

Concentrated Waterless K Guard removes: 



K-GARD is a clear-lotion (obviously containing no cheap fillers or abrasives) just right in consistency.  K-GARD is the result of years of research by a team of chemists and scientists and is different than any other hand cleaner ever made.  K-GARD contains 14 different ingredients including a substantial proportion (about 15%) of a combination of refined lanolin and selected oils, and a bacteria stat to kill germs and destroy bacteria.  K-GARD is a concentrate, (unlike the ordinary waterless hand cleaners which contain up to 50% water), and accordingly less is required “to do the job”.  K-GARD not only cleans better and faster, but also, used properly, conditions and protects the skin.  It can be used for cleaning an open cut or wound without smarting or irritating.


Triple Action – Soothes as it cleans!


 •Conditions skin – contains lanolin

 •Cleans thoroughly